Soups of the Day:
Italian Wedding Soup

You don't need to get dressed up for this wedding to enjoy the benefits. This soup is packed with the best ingredients, including escarole and meatballs just like Grandma made.

Baked Potato soup w/bacon

When we asked how to make your day better, your response was - just add bacon. We take this classic to the next level with a hearty helping of bacon.

Pasta of the Day:
Coming soon!

You asked and we responded. We will introduce a pasta dish of the day along with our other great menu items. We dare you not to enjoy this.

Cookie Corner

Italian Cookies - $12.99/lbs.

Amaretti (Almond Macaroons) Italian Cookies

Matrimoni (Wedding Cookie)

Luna di Greco (Greek Cookies)

Ciliegie di Calabria (Cherry Walnut)

Francescani (Chocolate Hazelnut)

Occhi di Santa Lucia (Cannoli Cookies)

Polpette di Cioccolato (Italian “Meatball” Cookies)

Benedettino (Chocolate Butter Cookies)

Bandiera Italiana (Rainbow Cookie)

italian CookiesTorta di Sant'Antonio (Pecan Tart)

Lampone di Locri (Raspberry Cookie)

Marmellata Napoletana (Marmalade Cookie)

Anisette (Anise Cookie)

Stella di Mare (Butter Star Cookie)

Domenicani (Chocolate Dipped w/ Walnut)

Pignoli (Pine Nut Cookie)



American Cookies - $.75 american cookies

Chocolate Chip


Peanut Butter

Oatmeal Raisin